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Funded Projects

We support organizations and projects that work for safe, legal escape routes and solidarity cities and oppose the criminalization of (forced) migration. Our main-focus is on the Mediterranean region.

Amount funded in 2021

Funding overviews | PDF

World Travelers Center

World Travelers Center

The World Travelers Center in Sarajevo provides various resources for people on the move arriving on the Balkan routes: legal advice, medical care and psychotherapeutic support as well as language and IT courses. The center's house is a place of solidarity and exchange within the international community in Sarajevo. The political work of the center concentrates on building networks, to work against discrimination and for the human rights of illegalized and other vulnerable persons (groups).

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 45.060,00
  • 1 year
  • 22. September 2021

I Have Rights e.V.

Access to legal information for asylum seekers on Samos

I Have Rights is a new non-profit organization that emerged from the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin after working on Samos for more than three years. The aim of I Have Rights is to facilitate access to legal assistance for people on the move, especially on Samos. The organization assists asylum seekers in their individual claims with, for example, interview preparation, family reunification and appeals. The international team consists of lawyers, legal experts and interpreters.

  • Greece
  • 86.400,00
  • 1 year
  • 8. September 2021

Lighthouse Relief

Streetwork Project

Lighthouse Relief (LHR) is a humanitarian organisation with the mission of providing dignified immediate and long-term relief to those experiencing displacement. LHR's Emergency Response Streetwork Programme supports refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants experiencing homelessness or living in precarious conditions, by understanding their individual needs through a holistic approach, providing them with non-food items and food items, and with information and guidance to link them with the services that can support them in their specific situation, including medical care, legal aid, and shelter. LHR's team also provides case management for complex cases, in collaboration with partners in Athens.

  • Greece
  • 89.490,00
  • 1 year
  • 8. September 2021

Clandestini e.V.

We´ll Come United - Antiracist Summer Conference 2021

We'll Come United is a German nationwide network that supports everyday struggles in camps and against deportations. The network has been fighting for equal rights for all, freedom of movement and against racism since 2016 - locally and nationwide. The basis are the local groups and initiatives, which all work together self-organized and with close contacts to refugees in camps. Nationwide meetings serve for exchange, action planning and mutual empowerment. We'll Come United focuses on enabling the participation of as many refugees as possible.

  • Germany
  • 5.000,00
  • 3 days
  • 8. September 2021

Eudamonia Medical Services

Eudamonia Medical Services

Eudaimonia Medical Services is a Greek non-profit organization based in Lesvos. Recognizing that medical care is made up of several components, the organization focuses on providing the best possible experience for patients needing diagnostic care (such as MRIs, CTs, or private consultations not available through the public health system). Moreover, the team provides medical translation services, which serve not only the patient's linguistic understanding, but also allow patients to feel comfortable and to bridge any cultural gaps. Many of the supported patients went on to receive medical diagnoses that had an impact on their asylum case, requiring them to travel to access the treatment they needed.

  • Greece
  • 111.000,00
  • 3 months
  • 3. September 2021

Clandestini e.V.

Palermo and Dakar Convergences

Closing plenary in Palermo with live connection to Dakar

From September 15 to 19, Palermo and Dakar hosted parallel gatherings of civil society actors and social movement activists who - "from the Sea to the Cities" - are involved in support, rescue and solidarity structures, especially in the Mediterranean but also beyond, on routes of (forced) migration. During four days, practices and visions of the struggle for the right to freedom of movement took place, were discussed together, different experiences of the last years were evaluated and planned for the future.

  • Italy and Senegal
  • 30.000,00
  • 5 days
  • 3. September 2021


Support of Front-LEX in legal proceedings against Frontex and for the Tribunal 2022

Front-LEX works on two levels. First, through an action committee it organizes a civil society tribunal to be held in Brussels 2022. Politicians and officials from many EU countries, Switzerland and Great Britain will be publicly charged. Individual country committees prepare the indictment dossiers and present them to the tribunal. Second, the organization includes a legal department. The lawyers bring cases against the EU, the Frontex agency, as well as responsible politicians and officials to ordinary courts. The legal department supports refugees to claim their rights and to sue for damages.

  • Luxembourg and Belgium
  • 79.200,00
  • 1.5 years
  • 1. September 2021

Wave of Hope for the Future

A Network of Self-Organized Schools in Greek Refugee Camps

Wave Of Hope for the Future (WHF) is a network of self-organized schools by people on the move in Greek camps. WHF now runs schools in four refugee camps throughout Greece with over 2,000 students: Lesvos, Athens (Malakasa and Ritsona camps), Thessaloniki (Nea Kavala camp). Language courses are offered in English, German and Greek, moreover, courses in music and art, soccer and volleyball, activities for children, chess tournaments and cartoons. In addition, the organization recently opened an art laboratory and an art exhibition center on the island of Lesvos making the talents of young refugee artists publicly visible.

  • Greece
  • 98.000,00
  • 1 year
  • 18. August 2021

LOGS - Grup de Initiative Sociale

EFIR - Emergency Food for Immigrants in Romania

LOGS is a young Romanian grassroots organization that runs the Casa LOGS welcome center for people on the move in Timișoara, near the Serbian and Hungarian border. For most people on the move, Romania is a transit country. People need fast and unbureaucratic help, which strengthens them for the nights without shelter and the long way, which mostly still lies ahead of them. With the project "EFIR - Emergency Food for Immigrants in Romania", the organization supports people on the move with food tickets, clothing and initial medical care.

  • Romania
  • 12.000,00
  • 6 months
  • 18. August 2021

SOS Mediterranee

Advocacy Position


An important part of SOS Mediterranee´s work is targeted advocacy and lobbying. In this way, the organization makes a contribution to drawing attention to the political and humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean and to highlighting the unlawful behavior of European authorities and agencies. With their advocacy work SOS concretely advocates for a European coordinated and financed sea rescue, the compliance with international law and against the criminalization of solidarity with people on the move.

  • Germany
  • 21.385,00
  • 5 months
  • 28. July 2021