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Funded Projects

We support organizations and projects that work for safe, legal escape routes and solidarity cities and oppose the criminalization of (forced) migration. Our main-focus is on the Mediterranean region.

Amount funded in 2021

Funding overviews | PDF


From the Sea to the Cities - Monitoring Opaque EU-ad hoc relocation

Jointly, Sea-Watch, borderline Sicilia, borderline-europe and the Refugee Councils in Germany are investigating the illegal procedures of the EU ad hoc relocation program: from the stand-off off European coasts, to questionable security checks of people on the move by the German constitutional protection agency, to the arrival in Germany. With the support of the Foundation, the Alliance researches to what extent the framework of the EU ad hoc relocation program violates fundamental rights between June 2020 and February 2021. By means of interviews in Italy and Germany, as well as detailed background research on the criminalization of arriving persons by the German constitutional protection in Malta and Italy, a detailed documentation is created. The report forms the starting point for a campaign for relocation and the right to stay putting the needs of refugees in the foreground.

  • Germany and Sicilia
  • 44.900,00
  • 9 months
  • 12. May 2020

Mushkila Kabira

Information and individual case advice for asylum seekers and people on the move in Greece

Mobile Info Team ist eine Freiwilligenorganisation welche Informationen für Asylsuchende, Geflüchtete und Migrant*innen in Griechenland und anderen europäischen Ländern über das Asylverfahren und andere relevanten Themen bereitstellt. Außerdem unterstützt das Team Einzelfälle, hauptsächlich in Familienzusammenführungen, aber auch beispielsweise bei der Vorbereitung auf die Asylanhörung oder bei Anträgen auf Integrationsmaßnahmen. Zusätzlich sammelt Mobile Info Team Erfahrungsberichte von Asylsuchenden um ihre Rechte durch Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zu unterstützen.

  • Greece
  • 20.990,00
  • 6 months
  • 12. May 2020

ReFOCUS Media Labs

Refugee Citizen Journalism within the refugee and COVID-19 crisis

ReFOCUS Media Labs trains people on the move to become journalists and tell their own stories. Special emphasis is placed on skill sharing and empowering them to work on public campaigns, for example. In this way, the campaigns are designed by those affected themselves. The material produced is not only used and shared by humanitarian organizations such as Sea Watch, Human Rights Watch or One Happy Family Center Lesbos, but also by major news channels such as the BBC.

  • Greece
  • 25.000,00
  • 3 months
  • 12. May 2020

SAR Relief

Search and Rescue Relief Project Funding

Search and Rescue Relief (SARR) is a UK-based organization formed in 2019. The goal of SARR in the coming years is to further enhance assistance for operational NGOs in the Central Mediterranean and Aegean. SARR aims to provide support in the form of professional search and rescue assets, financial project support, as well as management, functional components, shipyard operations and volunteer training.

  • United Kingdom
  • 50.000,00
  • With immediate effect
  • 28. April 2020

Sea-Eye e.V.

Emergency aid for Sea-Eye

Sun sets behind Sea-eye boat, in the foreground a masked person sits aboard a small boat

Due to a severe drop in donations due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has directly endangered the continuation of rescue operations, the Safe Passage Foundation has decided to support the sea rescue organization "Sea-Eye" with 60.000€. The amount is used to finance the upcoming mission of its vessel Alan Kurdi.

  • Germany
  • 60.000,00
  • With immediate effect
  • 27. April 2020

Civilfleet Support e.V.

Aid Delivery Lesvos

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the project intends to support medical NGOs working on Lesvos in providing health care to refugees in and around the Moria camp. Medication and non-pharmaceutical materials are brought to Lesvos, where logistics and know-how are also provided. The Safe Passage Foundation covers the costs of 15.000€ for material procurement, logistics and administration.

  • Greece
  • 15.000,00
  • 3 months
  • 20. April 2020

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH)

Aita Mari: Maydayterraneo

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH), a Basque organization, is committed to the rescue of people in distress through the deployment of the rescue ship Aita Mari. SMH is also involved in a medical project on the island of Chios. The Corona Pandemic has caused unforeseeable additional costs which need to be covered ad hoc. Therefore, the Safe Passage Foundation supports SMH with 30.000€ to ensure the continuation of its sea rescue missions.

  • Greece
  • 30.000,00
  • 1 year
  • 17. April 2020

Human Aid Now

Converting medical clinic to comply with COVID-19 lockdown rules on Samos

Human Aid Now provides medical care on Samos, Greece. Due to overcrowded camps and a lack of services, medical conditions on the island are extremely poor. With a group of volunteers and translators, Human Aid Now provides basic medical care to over one hundred beneficiaries per day, and ensures medical referrals to hospitals if needed. Due to lockdown rules during the Corona pandemic, additional medical office space is needed in order to reduce the amount of beneficiaries and volunteers per room. Due to travel restrictions international volunteers cannot presently travel to the island. Therefore, Human Aid Now depends upon volunteers remaining in Greece during the lockdown measures in order to keep these operations running. The Safe Passage Foundation assists Human Aid Now with 3.427,50€ to pay for enhanced medical premises, volunteer accommodation and food.

  • Greece
  • 3.427,00
  • 3 months
  • 13. April 2020

Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid

Protection of most vulnerable during COVID-19

FENIX offers legal and protection services in Moria, the largest refugee camp on the island of Lesvos. Due to the current Corona pandemic and the resulting lockdown measures, violence in the camp (especially against particularly vulnerable groups such as women and children) has increased. There is a crucial need for protection and legal actors in Moria in order to monitor human rights violations and advocate for enhanced protection. The Safe Passage Foundation approves 10.000€ for maintaining this work during the restriction period.

  • Greece
  • 10.000,00
  • 3 months
  • 12. April 2020

Wir Packen´s an e.V.

Corona aid project for refugees on Chios

Along with their project partner Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH), Wir packen's an e.V. is setting up a clinic for the medical care of refugees on Chios. Due to the Corona pandemic and the urgency of the situation, the Safe Passage Foundation supports the purchase of medical material, the wage costs for doctors and the rental of additional premises with 18.000€.

  • Greece
  • 18.000,00
  • 3 months
  • 21. March 2020